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During medieval times, the people that tried to rob you of your wealth were easily identified. They had armies that came after you on horses, had spears, fire launchers and such. Usually, they surrounded a very big home and starved you out. Today, those that try to erode our wealth are not so easily identifiable. Not only do we have to accumulate wealth to provide for us in our retirement, but we must guard our wealth in the process. We must do this so we may enjoy our wealth and pass it along to the people and charities of our choice, not someone else.


Wealth erosion occurs and is driven by the government, corporations and financial institutions.

  1. The taxes we pay at every level erodes a tremendous amount of our wealth, even at death. Will Rogers once said, “I want to make sure I pay every dime of tax that I owe but not one dime more.” “How can one minimize taxes while at the same time growing wealth?” is a question often asked by investors.
  2. Corporations continue to develop and market new products as the products we own grow out-of-date. Additionally, assets, like automobiles and homes need to be continually upgraded.
  3. Financial institutions bombard us with new products and services while at the same time charging fees for services rendered.

Since it is impossible to plan for 30 to 50 years in the future, our process focuses on very good one-year plans. Adjustments will need to be made and a flexible planning process that helps you protect, build, enjoy and pass along your wealth in the most efficient and effective manor is needed.

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