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Thanksgiving Week

February 04, 2022

Remember, the only choice is optimism, the pessimists never get it right.

I don't know about you but I'm ready for Thanksgiving. It is uniquely an American holiday. I remember one year when I was invited to a friend's home for dinner. He was married to a woman from Cuba, so I asked her what Cubans ate for their Thanksgiving Day meal. Her comment was that they ate the same thing they ate the Wednesday before and the Friday after, mainly beans.

That was pretty dumb of me, but it did make me think about the uniqueness of our national holiday. So, this week, I'm just thankful we're celebrating another Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Jean & I have a pretty heavy travel schedule for the rest of this year so short of the sky falling, I'm going to be holding up on the weekly emails until January.

The US equity markets continue to be strong. As of today, the president has re-nominated Jerome Powell to continue to lead the federal reserve board and the House of Representatives passed another huge spending bill. Hopefully, it will die in the Senate.

Jean & I do want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. Most times, it just really helps to count the good things going on rather than focusing on all the problems. I will be available should you need to contact me or get together before the end of the year.

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